Sunday, 19 May 2013

Tynedale WSD Spinners' Gathering 2013

We drove through floods, torrential rain and near gales yesterday morning to get to the Stocksfield Spinners' Gathering - goodness me, the weather was bad.  Luckily, I hadn't brought a waterproof so once we got there I scurried inside clutching Gladys and left Mark (plus lots of willing helpers) to bring everything else in.

Stocksfield 2013 1

The light isn't terribly good inside the hall, so I frequently sent people to the outside to compare colours in daylight.

We had a lovely day - we saw lots of friends (especially Tim, Denise and Hazel), the food was excellent (not as much cake as last year, and perhaps an overabundance of quiche, but nice salads and pies) even though I only got a third of one of the strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese topping.

We came back with a bottle of wine that Mark won in the tombola. I traded for some fibre and indigo-dyed sock yarn from Natural Born Dyers, and got lots of knitting done on the Karelides Cardigan.

And surprisingly good sales.  I'm spending this morning sorting out the freshly dyed yarn I've had hanging up all over the place - some is part of a couple of orders I have had in from the States, the rest is to be labelled up and added to stock. Then I'm dyeing yarn this week and practising my spinning for next week's Back-to-Back Challenge in the Netherlands.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Bowland Guild on Star Wars Day!

Toddled off to Bowland Guild in Gisburne yesterday, to teach my workshop on Spinning & Knitting with Beads to them.  Mark didn't want to miss another Saturday morning at the gym, so I took Mum for the lovely drive up.

I know quite a few people at the guild, as does Ma, because of the Alston Hall gatherings.  Ma hung around for a bit and then wandered away for a potter; she ended up at the Auction Mart, chatting to farmers and learning about cows and sheep!

I sold a bit of fibre too - rather alarming but at least I have more money to invest in more undyed stock.

I couldn't do the workshop quite as planned, as there were a few novice spinners, but everyone produced a couple of tiny skeins of beaded yarn before lunch and a  bit of beaded knitting afterwards.  Then a few people asked me to demonstrate long-draw spinning - it ended up looking like Jackanory, as I say on a chair making rolags with 8 or so people sitting cross-legged on the floor around me. Much inspiration was shared and it was brilliant.

I got a lovely strawberry cream meringue too!

And last night Mark and I went to see Nordic Fiddlers Bloc at Otley Courthouse - brilliant far Northern fiddle music, and I got lots of knitting done on the Bohus Guld too.

Wonderwool Wales 2013

Mark at stall

Just a few photos from this year's Wonderwool - I was frighteningly busy for most of it, as I was leading a two hour workshop on drum carding both afternoons, hence spending over three hours away from the stall each day.

Doesn't Mark look splendid in his new kilt?

Me at stall

I brought the quilts down almost as a last minute afterthought, but was really pleased I did so. Lots of people commented on how well the stall looked.  I have passed the cardboard cut-out sheets on to someone else now - I've had them a few years and am feeling a bit inspired to make more quilts now.  Perhaps one with my name on to act as a nameboard?

We made very good time driving down to Wonderwool this year (even stopping at Ann Kingstone's to drop off a not-quite-completed sample for her) so had time to drive through Builth Wells to visit the Prince Llewellyn monument on the other side of the town.

Prince Llewellyn's monument 2

Very sad monument, full of what-might-have-beens, and I shed a tear and apologised on behalf of my nation.

But we spotted this rather beautiful sculpture carved from a tree stump by the side of the brand new road:

Salmon sculpture 2

Both nights' camping were sub-zero this year, and I didn't sleep at all well due to my shoulders getting cold. (My new airbed lasted well though, didn't even soften slightly).  So for next year I'm planning to track down some dog-friendly self-catering accommodation.  And if we don't have to take camping stuff, and have invested in a roofbox for the van, we won't have to hire a bigger van and can then stay down for a few days more and explore mid Wales.  We know the North of Wales, and the SW, but have not really spent time in the middle even though we've been to every WonderWool so far.

It was a successful show for me; back to the dyepans.