Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Oh dear, catching up again.

Oh dear, I failed completely to document the Bakewell Wool Gathering. It was a lovely, small, friendly show - certainly not my best sales of the year but worth going to. And because it was quiet there was plenty of opportunity to catch up with people and compare notes over the year gone by. We were staying in a very nice apartment on a farm just five minutes up the hill from the town - the hot water and loo may have made some very strange noises, and the telly was on its last legs, but it was warm, comfy, and being able to make a proper hot meal every night was quite decadent.

So now the yarns are all up on Etsy, and the packets of various wools are being photographed and added up too, bit by bit.

I'm working at the Knit & Stitch show in Harrogate from Thursday through to Sunday, on The Button Lady's stand in Hall A as usual, so come and say hello to me if you're going to be there.

And this is the latest finished project off my needles that involved dyeing:
Leafy 2

This caught my eye a while ago (Dianna on Ravelry, a free pattern) so I started playing with it with a small ball of generic handspun 2ply yarn. I was also using a lovely set of 5mm Rosewood Cubics, because the fabric was light and not stressing the needles at all - they have a horrible propensity to break at the joining point. So Mark trod on them in the apartment at Bakewell, and broke them. When that yarn ran out I found another ball of a different 2ply white yarn - in the end the shawl's taken four different yarns, which was nearly as clear in the undyed as the final dyed version.

Leafy 3

This was it undyed:
Leafy thing, undyed

It went in the dyepan and I used a variant of my Birchbark colourway, and I'm really pleased with the way the colours have come out - exactly the colours of the oak trees in Buck Woods across the valley at the moment.

And it's warm... the weather's taken a sudden turn for the very cold. I took the pupz running through those very woods this afternoon, just after the sun had gone down but while it was still bright, and lots of places have been frozen all day.