Friday, 11 March 2016

Lancs & Lakes Guild tomorrow

Lists of equipment prepared, afternoon off work to pack the van, new fibre ready, mini-skeins and samples wound and knitted to be used for demonstration...

Nicely organised for this weekend's workshop and talk at Lancs & Lakes Guild - the workshop is a dyeing one, and I'm doing a talk on Things Wot I Have Made tomorrow afternoon.

And staying with a friend on Saturday night. It's going to be fun. Hard work, but fun.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Lambing in Wales - BBC radio's Farming Today.

This week's Farming Today programme on BBC Radio 4 has been based in a hill farm in the Brecon Beacons, in the middle of lambing.
There are little visits to other parts of the country (to the Isle of Lewis this morning) but otherwise we've been talking to the farming family, how and why they do what they do, and lots of sheepy noises in the background. Proper detail on the realities of the hill sheep farming life (and not far from Wonderwool either!)
i wish we could have seen photos of 'The Pen of Cuteness' this morning - all the spare triplets and the odd quads that have been taken off their mothers and put in the same pen to be bottle-fed. All white apart from one little black one in the middle. As the farmer said: "No profit in this corner of the shed, but you've got to give them a chance".
There's the last programme in the series on at 5.45 tomorrow morning, but they will all be on the iPlayer for a month.