Saturday, 28 March 2015

Goldmine and Dragonfly

A new colour that I imagined during the week: Goldmine, a rich hot red-gold shading through pure gold to lemon to charcoal shadows. The first is high twist merino sock yarn:

Goldmine, merino sock yarn

And this is the long pattern, on Exmoor Blueface white top:
Goldmine long, Exmoor Blueface

And then my favourite fibre of all, plain oatmeal BFL, in the usual variegated pattern:
Goldmine, oatmeal bfl

And I've had some excellent suggestions for the last new colour, and the one that keeps coming back to me is Dragonfly:
new, high twist merino yarn

Thursday, 26 March 2015

What shall I call this?

So what shall I call this colourway? It's on oatmeal BFL and high-twist merino sockyarn below - more muted on the fibre, and brighter on the yarn, especially because the latter is quite lustrous.

new, oatmeal bfl

new, high twist merino yarn

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

New Colours, Old Colours...

Some more fresh dyeing. These won't be uploaded on to the Etsy shop, they're all going in the show stashes. But they are available for sale if you drop me a note - either on here, via Facebook, or an email. And I will dye to order, on any fibre/yarn base I can get, in whatever colour you like - one of my own colourways, or an idea of your own.

I love how these colourways change depending upon the base colour. And it continues to astound me how well the dark wools (Shetland as well as BFL and others) dye up with a silk blended through. They actually look rather lovely without silk too, but that can be a bit subtle for most people.

Anyway, here we are. And there's more to come, as the dyepans keep bubbling away...

Winter Sky on black BFL/silk:
Winter Sky, black bfl silk

Winter Sky, on oatmeal BFL:
Winter Sky, oatmeal bfl

And brighter, on white BFL:
Winter Sky, white bfl

Summer Sky, on oatmeal BFL/silk:
Summer Sky, oatmeal bfl silk

Summer Sky, on black BFL/silk:
Summer Sky, black bfl silk

Summer Sky again, clear and bright on white BFL:
Summer Sky, white bfl

Firefly, on oatmeal BFL/silk:
Firefly, oatmeal bfl silk

Firefly, on black BFL/silk:
Firefly, black bfl silk

Moon Wheat, on oatmeal BLF/silk:
Moon Wheat, oatmeal bfl silk

Moon Wheat, on black BFL/silk:
Moon Wheat, black bfl silk

Silver Sky, oatmeal BFL/silk:
Silver Sky, oatmeal bfl silk

Silver Sky, black BFL/silk:
Silver Sky, black bfl silk

One of my favourites, Dryad, on oatmeal BFL/silk:
Dryad, oatmeal bfl silk

Littleheart, oatmeal BFL:
Little Heart, oatmeal bfl

And finally, Littleheart, on oatmeal BFL/silk:
Littleheart, oatmeal bfl silk

Sunday, 22 March 2015

2015 - plans and shows...

2015's shows and workshops for Freyalyn's Fibres:

Wonderwool Wales on 24th/25th April. The first of the shows, and one of the biggest. We always look forward to this, it has such a lovely atmosphere, fun people to spend time with, and of course it's in Wales!

Wharfewool Fair, 9th May. Nice little local one day show in Otley, West Yorkshire. My nearest show, and I'm also doing a Spinning with Spindle workshop here.

Tynedale Spinners' Gathering, 16th May. I've been coming to this for a few years now, and it's always fun. A select group of a few vendors, local and not-so-local spinners, excellent cakes, and visitors are welcome.

Armley Mills Wool Festival - 6th June, Armley Mills Museum, Leeds. Second year of a one day festival in the fascinating Leeds Industrial Museum. Lots to see, good parking, and some good local vendors.

18th June - workshop at Craven Guild, Skipton.

Fibre-East, 25th-26th July, another of the big ones, this time based down in the South East.

Bakewell Wool Gathering, 17th-18th October. Getting towards the end of the year, but I'll still have lots of freshly-dyed fibre and yarn.

Kendal Wool Gathering, 24th October. I've not been able to do this for the last two years, as it's clashed with Bakewell. This year it doesn't, so it will be a lovely finish to my show season.

And there we are. I could still fit in some workshops/teaching, so get it touch. List of workshops offered here, though I'm quite happy to tailor specific teaching to your needs.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

New Dyeing.

Dyeing has been happening for a few weeks so far, but this is the first time I've managed to get it photographed and blogged. These photos are not in natural light, but think the colours are fairly well represented, though perhaps a little flattened out.

New colourway, for a commission: Magenta Mouse. I was aiming for a clear intense magenta shading to a warm mouse-grey. Here it's on white merino, natural grey merino, oatmeal BFL, and sock yarn:

Long colourway, on white merino
Magenta Mouse, long, white merino

Long, on grey merino (there is more depth than this photo is showing)
Magenta Mouse, long, grey merino

Oatmeal Bluefaced Leicester
Magenta Mouse, oatmeal bfl

And sock yarn
Magenta mouse, merino sock yarn

The second colourway, Peach:

White merino - love the depth here:
Peach, long, white merino

Grey merino (this would actually work really well spun out)
Peach, long, grey merino

And oatmeal BFL. I do rather like this
Peach, oatmeal bfl

More colours soon - the usual suspects will be coming out of the dyepots,and some new ones - I have Winter Sky (purples and golds and greys) and Summer Sky (deep turquoise to gold and orange) waiting to be photographed.

My fibre is mostly Bluefaced Leicester, as my customers know, but there will be various other British breeds in there. Southdown makes wonderful handspun sockyarn, and I love the way Manx fibre overdyes (the natural strong moorit colour takes dye surprisingly well, especially greens) and sproings so strongly.

And the usual sockyarn too - 100% BFL, BFL/nylon, 100% merino, all high twist and beautiful quality.

Let me know if you have suggestions...