Saturday, 25 April 2020

Virtual Wonderwool - bunnies in jumpers!

These are all my lovely little bunnies in their handknitted jumpers. The bunnies themselves are safe for children with embroidered eyes and no hard parts, though they do squeak if squeezed. 

All are £20. Again, message me on FB or email with your email and I will respond with a final price  including postage and Paypal invoice. 

Bunny left wearing a rainbow sweater knitted from Shetland jumper-weight yarn NOW SOLD 
Right bunny is wearing a sweater knitted from natural-dyed bfl sockyarn. SOLD 

Both these bunnies are in handspun sweaters - on the left is my Away Wi' the Fairies SOLD, 
on the right is Northern Lights over dark grey Shetland. 

Both handspun again - on the left is cashmere in natural pale grey and dyed green, 
on the right is a yoke in Summer and the sweater in a Manx blend wool SOLD. 

Both these sweaters are knitted from handspun merino d'Arles wool dyed green and embroidered with Shetland yarn. 

All handspun again, a scrap of yellow wool and grey Shetland on the left, 
and indigo-dyed blue and madder orange on the right SOLD.

Slightly bigger bunny this time, but still child-friendly. This one's sweater is in my Flamingo colourway sock yarn. 

Virtual Wonderwool - fibre

All fibre in 100g braids unless stated otherwise. Postage will be calculated on total weight - please message me on FB or email, including your email, with the fibre you'd like and I will email you back with a total price and a paypal invoice. 

Northern Lights, Polwarth/merino blend, £16 SOLD 

Full Circle (300g), white bfl silk, £48

Away Wi' The Fairies gradient, oatmeal bfl, £15 NOW SOLD 

Away Wi' The Fairies, oatmeal bfl silk x 1, £16 each  BOTH SOLD 

Away Wi' The Fairies, pale grey Shetland, £14

Away Wi' The Fairies, white bfl silk x 1, £16 each  ONE SOLD 

Dryad gradient, oatmeal bfl, £15

Dryad, grey Shetland £14, white bfl £15

Falling Leaves gradient,
 pale grey Shetland £14 NOW SOLD
 Exmoor Blueface £12

Pinewood, top Manx £14
(lower one sold)

Apple, oatmeal bfl x 1, £14 each  ONE SOLD 

October gradient,
pale grey Shetland NOW SOLD
 oatmeal BFL, both £14

Spring Green, white Shetland, £14

Birchbark, white bfl, £14

Oakleaf, top Merino d'Arles NOW SOLD,
left Devonia blend, bottom Arbon sock blend, £14 each 

Oak King, oatmeal bfl and white bfl, £15 each  BOTH NOW SOLD 

Oak Leaf, Manx, £14

Thistle, left gradient Dorset Horn £14, right Suffolk £13

Sea Glass, white Polwarth, £15
grey Polwarth, SOLD 

Sea Glass gradient, oatmeal bfl, £15

Faerie Spring, left Zwartbles blend, right oatmeal bfl, £15 each 

Faerie spring gradient, white Polwarth, £15

Fine alpaca, £9 each 

Fine alpaca, £9 each

Fine alpaca £9 each 

Baby alpaca, £10 each 

Grey alpaca (lovely fibre, slightly felted) £8 each

 Fine Shetland fleece, £8

 Kerry Hill fleece, £7 each ONE SOLD 
Jacob shearing fleece, £8 each TOP TWO SOLD 

Down-type fleece, £4

Littleheart gradient, pale grey Shetland, £14

Kingfisher, left white bfl silk £16, right Devonia blend £14

white bfl silk £16 SOLD 
pale grey Shetland £14

Full Circle (each 300g), oatmeal bfl silk £48, Exmoor Blueface £42

Hellebore, lower left Devonia blend £14

Fisher Blue, white bfl, £15 (lower one is gradient)

Festival, top white bfl silk £16, lower oatmeal bfl £15

Northern Lights
 top Romney £13 SOLD 
bottom Arbon sockblend £14

Copper, Southdown, £14

Macaw, pale grey Shetland £14

Vivien, top oatmeal bfl £14, bottom Dorset Horn £13

Goldmine, Exmoor Blueface, £14

Solstice, bottom Dorset Horn £14

Selkie, left oatmeal bfl £15 NOW SOLD
right Dorset Horn £14

Rivendell, page grey Shetland £14

Pinewood, Dorset Horn x 2, £14 each 

top oatmeal bfl SOLD 
lower right pale grey Shetland £14
lower left Exmoor Blueface £14 

Peacock, oatmeal bfl, £15 each 

white bfl silk £16 NOW SOLD 
pale grey Shetland £14 NOW SOLD 

Solstice gradient, oatmeal bfl, white Shetland, £14 each 

True, top oatmeal bfl silk £15, left oatmeal bfl £14, right page grey Shetland £14

Goldmine, one gradient, both Exmoor Blueface, £14 each 

Gold, white Shetland, £12 each 

Dewi, white bfl, £12

Festival, white Shetland £13

Vivien gradient, oatmeal bfl, £14 NOW SOLD 

 Macaw, white bfl, £14

Dragonfly, white bfl silk, £16 SOLD