Monday, 20 July 2015

The imminence of Fibre-East.

Nearly there: Fibre-East is this weekend. I was teaching at Craven Guild in Skipton this Saturday just gone, and on a lovely retreat (mainly of spinning and eating and catching up with friends) the weekend before, so there has been much fraughtness associated with trying to get all the yarn and fibre packed for this weekend. I'm there at last - and reasonably satisfied I have enough wool.

Like many other people who do these shows, I use the large transparent zipped Ikea sacks to carry fibre. In my case, the bags are almost exactly as deep as my packets of fibre are high, so they stack in the sacks neatly. I like to have eight of these to do a show with, and I have eight. OK, two of them are a little saggy, due to the enthusiasm of the Craven Guild, but that's OK - some of the others are bursting. And I have an overflow of sock yarn out of its wicker hamper and into another small sack. Plus a few copies of Penelope Hemingway's Old Handknitters of the Dales, and lots of little bags of scoured and dyed fleece. There's a few bags of handdyed tussah and bombyx silk tucked away too.

So yes,I can relax.

So here's a quick review of some of the stuff in the last packing session.

Blackberry over black bfl/silk
Blackberry, black bflsilk

Blackberry over oatmeal bfl/silk
Blackberry,oatmeal bflsilk

And Blackberry over white bfl/silk
Blackberry, white bflsilk

Dragonfly over Wensleydale (I love how the lustrous longwool is so brilliant with any colourway)
Dragonfly, Wensleydale

An old favourite: Flora gradient over white bfl/silk
Flora long, white bfl silk

And a new one: Distance over white bfl/silk
Distance, white bflsilk

Distance over grey shetland/silk (a bit washed out I'm afraid)
Distance, grey shetland silk

Apple over brilliant Wensleydale
Apple, Wensleydale

Oakleaf, again over Wensleydale
Oakleaf, Wensleydale

Oakleaf over the old favourite, oatmeal bfl
Oakleaf, oatmeal bfl

Macaw - probably my brightest at the moment - on grey shetland/silk
Macaw, grey shetland silk

Macaw again - Dorset Horn seems to be more brilliant than any other of the wools I use. This would make fabulous sock yarn!
Macaw,Dorset horn

And Peacock Butterfly gradient over white bfl - it really is as gorgeous as it looks!
Peacock Butterfly long, wbfl