Sunday, 22 June 2014

Woolfest approaching!

It's the Sunday before Woolfest, and I think I've finished all the fibre.

bfl As You Wish

The last three skeins of yarn - 100% BFL high twist, in As You Wish. I'm now completely out of sock yarn, and need to order a few kilos after Woolfest.

Cotswold x Texel fleece

Two small Cotswold x Texel lambs fleece, with a bit of Texel fleece bagged up at the bottom. It's a lovely soft fleece, nice 'locky' structure, and it's washed and dyed beautifully.

Last sacks of fibre

Last three sacks of fibre, all piled up on my bed, with Sirius supervising. I have eight in total, which is what I aim to take to any of the wool festivals. Let's hope it's enough! (Let's also hope that I don't have far too much and don't sell much at all...)