Friday, 25 February 2011

This week's dyeing

Spring - various fibres

This is a new colourway, 'Spring'. Clockwise from bottom left it's on black shetland/silk, merino/silk,  white BFL, camel/silk, and grey alapaca/silk. 

Bonnet - various
This one's 'Bonnet'.  Again from bottom left, the fibres are merino/silk, oatmeal BFL, and more shetland/silk.

Gothick - various
The colour hasn't come out well in this photo, probably because it was dark and there was no natural light by the time I'd got to it.  It's 'Gothick' which is actually much darker, but the fibres are shiny.  Shetland/silk, grey angora/silk, and merino/silk.

Copper - superfine merino
And this one isn't really this bright: 'Copper' in fine merino.  This was new last year, and has been extremely popular, in sock yarn too.  It looks amazing on oatmeal BFL, in fact there's a couple of pans of this colourway on this fibre in the oven at the moment - I've had another special order in for some more in Copper and some of the plain green and orange in this colourway.

Flora - various
And this is the old favourite, ' Flora', on shetland/silk, fine merino, and grey alpaca/silk.  I just love how this colourway behaves on all sorts of fibres, and spins into lots more colours.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Finally some photos.

Just a few photos that have been sent to me, from North Cheshire Guild the weekend before last:

Showing green shawl

Showing Tree Coat

Showing diamond vest

Demonstration of dyeing

Demonstrating dyeing two

I must gird my loins and start the dyeing for Wonderwool soon.  It's only a couple of months away now...