Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Run-up to Woolfest

Much dyeing has been done. Much dyeing is still to do. I'm so busy I've just forgotten to take photos.

But this rather gorgeous photo turned up on my Pinterest feed the other day:
Haifoss in Iceland. The name means, of course, High Waterfall, but the colours really called to me.

Haifoss over oatmeal bfl
So this is Haifoss on oatmeal bfl. I shall dye at least one other pan of this, as I'm really pleased with how it's come out.

I'm also doing a bit of natural dyeing with the Swifter fleece I brought back from the Netherlands and the Back-to-Back challenge (see the Livejournal blog for details of that).  I dyed up a chunk of it with new bracken fronds, which I remember getting bright lime green from once (years ago). Sadly all I got was a washed out goose-turd greeny-yellow.  But I have a big bag of madder having a quick soak to remove the brown dye, so hopefully I should get a really good orangey-red from another chunk of the fleece which is currently cooling in its alum bath.  Will see later this afternoon...