Thursday, 26 September 2013


I seem to have rather lost track of things in August and September, with regard to my two remaining wool shows, Yarndale this weekend and Bakewell Wool Gathering three weeks later. Lots of dyeing was done in August and the first half of September, then I spent a week down in Somerset with my dear friend Sarah and have been rather discombobulated since we returned last weekend.

It will be very strange, not having to pack camping impedimentia, clothes and food/kettle etc this time, but actually come home each night. I haven't even sorted out the things to take for the stall yet - that will all be done tomorrow morning, we'll set off for Skipton at lunchtime, and be back by teatime! Lists have been made, however.

Yarndale fibre

this is most of the dyed fibre and yarn, though there are a few bags behind me too.

And I found this in the woods an hour or so ago:
Leaf in colours

Getting very fraught, for no good reason. I've driven Mark crackers trying to find perfectly obvious clothes to change into for the NTLive production of Othello tonight, at the Media Museum. We were going to have a quick meal out before hand (it's our twentieth wedding anniversary today) but I was just panicking too much to get out in time for that. So, a nice hot cup of tea, a bit of a sit down, this quick blog post, and then we're off.