Thursday, 24 March 2011

Wonderwool looms...

Spring on Shetland and camel/silk
'Spring' on shetland and camel/silk.

Gothick on camel/silk, BFL, moorit shetland
'Gothick' on camel/silk at the top, coloured BFL to the right, and on the left a new one - moorit Shetland.  This has come out very well, but I've only got 200g of it and probably won't get more for Wales.  Will invest in it for Woolfest though.

True on Shetland
'True' on shetland

Crocus on coloured BFL
'Crocus' on coloured BFL.

SAuce on camel/silk and BFL
'Sauce' on camel/silk.

True on grey suffolk
'True' on grey suffolk.  I bought this in error last year, thinking it might be softer than it actually was; there's quite a bit of kemp in the wool.  But the natural grey overdyes beautifully, and it's proved popular with felters.

Volcano on grey suffolk
'Volcano' on suffolk.

SAuce on grey suffolk
'Sauce' on suffolk.

Steelsheen and Crocus on fine merino
And of course lots of nice ordinary merino: 'Steelsheen' and 'Crocus'.

Flora on coloured BFL and merino/silk
'Flora' in merino/silk at the top and coloured BFL at the bottom.  The colour isn't quite right in this photo - it's richer for a start, with acid green and a purpley-red rather than pink and yellow.

Shetland/texel fleece
And more fleece, of course.  This is a shetland/texel that's come out rather well.

I had a coloured Corriedale wether fleece I dyed up intending to sell, but I'm not going to - the colours have come out fabulously on the variegated greys and it's handcarding beautifully.  One for me, I'm afraid.  (This was his 2009 fleece, I may try and kidnap his fleece from last year from Denise as Archie is now in someone's freezer I believe.

Friday, 11 March 2011

Shiny Teeswater

Teeswater fleece dyed

Yes, the colours really are this intense in real life.  I love the way the lustrous longwools (Teeswater, Wensleydale etc) just glow when richly dyed.

There's a small Romney lamb fleece all dyed up and drying on the racks at the moment.  If I get organised tonight or tomorrow morning before going off to race at Runcorn I shall stuff more fleece in the oven.  Then I can get started on the oatmeal BFL tops. 

And there's quite a bit to pack and label up.  Leia killed a hank of white BFL dyed in Volcano earlier this week, so I shall have to spin what I can salvage myself.  Horrible cat.  Must remember to keep all the fibre wrapped up when the new kitten arrives....

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Some new variations...

Triton, Greenwood, Lazuli
All in fine merino, from top left they are Triton, Greenwood and Lazuli.  Greenwood is supposed to be - duh - deep green but the recipe gave me this.  I think the mix I use for navy has affected it.

The red for this year is Sauce.  I'd packaged up them up before I remembered to photograph them, and wasn't going to unwrap them again.  Shetland/silk and coloured bfl/silk - I've used nearly all of these up now; I shall get some more camel/silk and plain coloured bfl from Adelaide Walker's next week, then it's just that and both the plain and superwash merino to colour.


Copper, orange, green
Someone bought a pack of Copper on coloured bfl/silk from me last, and has contact me to ask for some more of the same fibre in both the green and the plain orange of the original colourway.  There will be some of this left at Wonderwool.