Thursday, 25 April 2013

Wonderwool is imminent

Well, here we are. All the fibre is packed, labelled, priced, and in bags forming a huge mountain in the middle of the sitting room.

I've been into Bradford to collect change from the bank, post a parcel and retrieve one from the sorting office, send off my passport renewal at the Post Office.

I have several bags of fleece/fibre/dyed stuff/blending stuff organised for the workshop. Plus my two drumcarders, my box of tools and carders, and three more arranged to borrow when we get to the show.

I now need to retrieve the transit from the hire place (luckily just about 400 yards up the road), sort out the camping stuff, clothes and bedding, and pack the van.  Then a couple of classes at the gym this evening from 7.30 (what! you thought I'd miss gym?) and we'll have pizzas from Waitrose for tea.

Stressed out massively as normal. This year it hasn't helped that I've had two sample sweaters to do for a friend's knitting book.  The second one, a man's hoodie with some colourwork, only had one sleeve done when she told me that the photoshoot was this Sunday (and she told me this on the Sunday just gone).  So I have done very little but knit furiously on this for the last four days and my hands are telling me about it.  I shan't get the hood done, but I will get up to the neck. We're dropping it off early tomorrow morning on our way down to Wales.

I'll post photos from the show when we get back. Hope to see lots of friends there.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

And yet more...

W Polwarth, O Masham, B shetsilk, Goblin King
Goblin King, on white Polwarth, oatmeal Masham, black Shetland/silk.

 W Polwarth, O Masham, B shetsilk, Triton
Same wools, white Polwarth, oatmeal Masham, black Shetland/silk, this time in Triton.

W O bfl, Thicket
Thicket on oatmeal and black BFL. A new colour, which on white is probably going to be a  bit bright and teal-y, but on the coloured wools is lovely.

W O bfl, Strand
Another new one: Strand, again on oatmeal and black BFL.

W O bfl, Mordred
Mordred, on white and oatmeal BFL.

W O bfl, Lorien
Lorien, on white and oatmeal BFL.  I've added green streaks rather than green dots this year.

W O bfl, Littleheart
Littleheart, white and oatmeal BFL. I do like this one, even though it's not normally my colours. But the shades inbetween are so lovely. I really fancy some handspun socks in this.

W O B bfl, Northern Lights
The old favourite, Northern Lights, on white, oatmeal, and black BFL.

Manx, oatmeal bfl, Grail
Manx and oatmeal Masham dyed in Grail.

Manx, oatmeal BFL, Copper
Another perennial favourite, Copper, this time on Manx and oatmeal Masham.

Camsilk, Sunrise
Sunrise on camel/silk.

Camsilk, Flora
Flora on camel/silk

Camsilk, Copper
Copper on camel/silk - this one's worked particularly well.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

More pretty colours.

I've been at the camel and silk blend again. This time I've tweaked the dyeing of this particular blend slightly.  It's one of the most difficult to ensure the dye penetrates all the way through, so I've dyed this batch in lots of 200g rather than 300, and made the dye solutions slightly more intense. I'm rather pleased.

Red Leaf:
Camelsilk, RedLeaf

Purple Ink:
Camelsilk, Purple Ink

Camelsilk, Guinevere

Camelsilk, Dryad

White BFL/silk dyed in Silver Sky. Although this is atypical of my dyeing, it's been one of my most popular colourways. (Not worth dyeing on anything other than white fibre, though.)
White bflsilk SilverSky

Oatmeal BFL/silk in Nightfall:
Oatmeal bflsilk, Nightfall

Oatmeal BFL/silk in Birchbark:
Oatmeal bflsilk, Birchbark

Oatmeal BFL, on its own and with silk, in Sunrise (a new colourway this year):
Oatmeal bfl, bflsilk, Sunrise

Oatmeal BFL, alone and with silk, in Rivendell:
Oatmeal bflsilk, bfl, Rivendell

Grey Shetland/silk, white BFL, white Devon Longwool, in Red Leaf:
Greyshetsilk, wbfl, devon, RedLeaf

Same wools as above, in Lazuli:
Greyshetsilk, wbfl, devon, Lazuli

And the same, this time in Flora:
Greyshetsilk, wbfl, devon, Flora

These won't be going into the Etsy shop until after Wonderwool.