Friday, 20 May 2011

To Camelot...

Gothick on grey masham
A new fibre - grey Masham, dyed in Gothick.  Masham is not unlike the longwools - it's a long staple and fairly lustrous - but a bit fluffier.  Makes fabulous felt but is also smoother and shinier and softer than the Suffolk I had before.

Copper on grey masham
Same stuff dyed in Copper.

Arthur on oatmeal bfl silk
Oatmeal bfl with silk dyed in Arthur - something on the Folklore and Fairytale list on Ravelry set me off with a Camelot theme.

Merlin on grey alpaca silk
This is Merlin on grey alpaca/silk.  The purple is actually grey, but seems to shade towards the blue side next to the green.  I'll be interested to see this on something white.

Guinevere on oatmeal bfl silk
Guinevere on oatmeal bfl/silk.  With this one I was thinking a pure pale sky blue to represent Guinevere herself, shading through to unexpected depths of blues (for disappointment and sorrow) and purple (for royalty).  What do you think?  I've sold some before it even got to a show or on Etsy.

Gawain on grey masham
Gawain on grey Masham.  I was thinking of the seas around Orkney on a sunny day with wind-scudded clouds.

Mordred on grey masham
Mordred on grey Masham.  I'm not normally into warm colours at all, but I love how Mordred works.