Monday, 2 November 2015

Samhain, and the year's ending

Yesterday was the old Celtic New Year. Happy New Year and blessings to us all.

A little bit of dyeing was done last week. I had a commission and a birthday to do, so I dyed Triton over all three colours (chestnut, grey, cream) of Merino d'Arles and it came out rather wonderfully.

I'm now languishing in the end of a cold that made back to back shows of Bakewell and Kendal very hard, though it was lovely to see so many people, chat so much (though my voice had conked out by Kendal) and catch up.

I'm off on a short break with friends in Somerset this week coming. Sleep is what I'm mainly looking forward too - trying to work full time while doing wool shows at weekends is very hard work.

The Etsy shop will be updated before the end of November. In the meantime, the fibre is all in the flat so give me a shout if you fancy a colour or fibre: I have Merino d'Arles, grey and white Shetland, black Shetland/silk, bfl and bfl/silk in white/oatmeal/black, and a few other bits and pieces.