Thursday, 30 June 2011

Oh wow!

This came in the post last week, just in time for me to take to Woolfest and keep me warm and snuggly when the hot weather suddenly went cold and damp:

Sara shawl 7

Several years ago Sara Lamb and I vaguely agreed on a shawl swap, and when she came over to the UK briefly last summer I presented her with a knitted shawl I'd made for her.  I was particularly pleased to have got the colours right for her too.
Shawl for Sara
So this arrived for me, Sara having taken me at my word when I threw these ideas at her: gold, copper, green, rustic,warm....  I finally remembered to have both the camera and shawl with me when I took the pupz up to Baildon Moor this afternoon:
Sara shawl 6

Sara shawl 4

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Nearly there...

A pile of sock yarn, all dyed, skeined, labelled, listed, and now bagged up.

Pile of finshed sockyarn
There are some hot colours in there (Arthur, Firebird) but for some reason they're at the bottom of the pile.  Really I don't want to see them go, I love them all!

The bags are multiplying
This is the fibre newly dyed for Woolfest, all bagged up but it'll all have to be taken out and priced and listed and organised; it's just been bagged up as I packaged and labelled as I went along.  At least I seem to have lots this year - there are about four bags upstairs of the fibre leftover from Wonderwool.

The only thing I haven't yet packed is some of the fleece; I have a couple of sacks of the brilliant fleece in the previous post to pack, and I'm hoping to get that done tomorrow night.

Blackboard, finished with
You have no idea how nice it is to cross off everything on this blackboard.  It lives on the back of the kitchen door (hence the little label and arrow at the top) and is used for noting down things we need to do or buy.  I'm about to wash it clean and start writing up the things we need to take to Woolfest.  I use it to write down the fibre type/yarn type and the colour each time I put a new lot in the oven, which helps to remind me what I'm labelling when it all comes to be packed.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Fleeces draped everywhere!

Fleece t'water and shetland
Lovely shiny Teeswater and some organic coloured Shetland.

Fleece alpaca and texel
Slightly flashed out alpaca in the foreground and Cheviot behind.

Fleece corriedale
Coloured Corriedale

Fleece - shetland and cross
 More organic Shetland, and a WensleydaleX North Ronaldsey