Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Autumn Shows

It's been a while since my last post.

As some of you know, my father died a couple of weeks ago. The funeral is tomorrow. It's going to be a bit of an event, and life has pretty much been on hold until it's over.

For various reasons, I hadn't booked a stall as this year's Yarndale. As it happens, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been organised enough to manage it, though Mark would have done his best to herd me through it. We went as visitors instead, and it was lovely - some people knew about Dad and I got hugs and love, some people didn't and that was good too. I felt relaxed and appreciated.

Anyway, there will be some dyeing taking place over the next couple of weekends.

Our next show will be the Bakewell Wool Gathering on 17/18 October, and then the Kendal Wool Gathering the following weekend, 24/25 October. I will be there at both with my fibre, my sock yarn, and copies of The Old Handknitters of the Dales as carefully updated by Penelope Hemingway. 

After that, all my remaining stock will be gradually put on to the Etsy Shop.

Do remember, of course, that you can always get in touch if there's a specific colourway or fibre that you would like, or you perhaps a special order of a larger amount - a sweater's worth, for example. All my colourways are here (2015), (2014) (2013), and I carefully record the recipes I use so that any colours from the last few are repeatable. And I am always pleased to do commissions and match colours.