Sunday, 24 January 2016

Last year's yarns, this year's dyeing

I've just had a sort through of the sock yarn hamper, and these are the yarns I have remaining from last year's stock.

This is the 100% high twist merino sock yarn: Half Moon and Solstice at the top,/ Copper Kettle*, Goldmine, Oak King at the bottom.

BFL/nylon 80/20 high twist: Haifoss, Oakleaf, Brownleaf,/ Sunshine, Fields of Barley, Dryad, and Old Forest.

Same yarn, this time with Triton, Sky Blue, Medjai, Warrior Scarlet, Rajasthan/, Malbec, Hellebore, Iris, Noctilucent, Dragonfly.

And then the 100% BFL high-twist. Blackberry, Magenta Mouse,/ Spring Green, Solstice, Noctilucent, Prince Hal.

My camera has a habit of pinking up all my reds and turning purples into blues.

And then an order about to be shipped out: Green Ink, Goblin King, Sunrise. Sunrise as a colourway is a couple of years old, but this was the view out of our window yesterday:

So the fibre dyeing will start soon. I'm out of undyed sockyarn (all but a handful of skeins) so that needs to be stocked up soon. But I have a fair amount of Merino d'Arles and Shetland, both white and coloured, and BFL is always in, so next weekend I think.