Thursday, 16 February 2017

Dyeing and dates for 2017.

Oh dear, this is rather late for my first post of 2017. But it's been a slow start, fibre-wise, and trying to find time to fit everything in isn't easy.

I have a new fibre blend for this year - Northern Isles. It's a mix of Manx, Shetland, and Gotland, with a touch of tussah silk. It's a warm grey gold colour, with a sheen from the silk, and a lovely soft hand with a deceptive bit of texture and bite. It's just as good as I hoped it would be. This is it above, dyed in my Littleheart colourway; given the reception, I'd better dye a bit more!

I dyed up a big Gotland x Shetland fleece at the weekend, and I'm teaching this weekend (drumcarding at Tynedale Guild), but more will be done.

This year's shows are:

Wonderwool Wales 22-23 April
Tynedale Spinners' Gathering, 20th May
Leeds Wool Festival 3 June
Bakewell 14-15 October (now confirmed)

I'm also teaching a dye workshop at Eden Valley Guild in June, plus a couple of other events yet to be finally organised.

As usual, photographs of dyeing will go up on Instagram, FB, and probably Twitter too - even if they're not listed in the Etsy shop, they are all available for sale if you get in touch.