Repairing socks

 I knitted these socks fairly recently, from handspun (mostly) Shetland. It's a very basic sock recipe I use: toe up, short-row heels, ribbed tops, stretchy cast-off.

But these have had two relatively long walks (for me) in my new walking books, and so the heel had worn out in in one and was thinning in the other. So here we are - two different sock repairs.

The top one is darned using my lovely vintage SpeedWeve, which makes neat little woven squares or rectangles directly on to the fabric being repaired.

The lower sock had stitches picked up around the thinning heel and a heel knitted over the (loosely tacked together) hole where the original heel had been. 

The yarn is random merino/nylon sockyarn from the stash. I could have spun some more but I didn't. 

My socks always wear out on the heel, just above the point. Mark's tend to wear out under the ball of his foot. It's interesting how people walk differently...