Sunday, 4 April 2021

New Year, New Start.

Right, here we go. With the demise (or as good as) of Ravelry, why not revive our blogs? I used to keep this one for mainly dyeing and knitting with another one on Livejournal for everthing else, but that one's not been used for years. 

There's a new post in progress on spinning a handdyed braid.

All the previous posts on fibre sales are now out of date - my last bits of fibre are up on Instagram or FB and heavily discounted. 


  1. I am a bit more enamored about blogging this go around. I'm no longer working ridiculous hours and have more time for this. And I find I'm rather looking forward to reading blogs over the mundane daily whining on Rav....and the shallowness of FB.....