Saturday, 5 December 2020

Freyalyn's Fibre ON SALE!

Goodness, it's nearly Christmas, and where has this weird year gone? In some ways it seems no time at all since March and the world closing in on us, and then I look in a different direction and it's so long ago I can barely remember. 

I've decided to have a restart of all my colours, 
so everything here is 10% and free UK postage! 

Please don't leave a comment on the blog asking for fibre - I'm unable to get back in touch with you when that happens. Email me at with the one/s you'd like and I can come back to you with a price and a paypal invoice. 

I shall keep the availability as up to date as possible.

Both Away Wi' the Fairies now gone, sorry.

Lower Festival obfl now sold

This Full Circle now sold, sorry 

This Macaw is now sold! 
And this one. The parrots are flying away!

All this Peacock now sold, I'm afraid.

Lower right, Pinewood/ExBF is now sold. 

Thistle/Suffolk now sold. 

True, bottom left is oatmeal BFL, £14; bottom right is pale grey Shetland, £14. 


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