Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Blog in the time of coronavirus...

I'm sure most people have seen the announcement that Wonderwool is cancelled for this year. I'm sure it's been a horrific few weeks for the organisers, as they saw the coronovirus thing bearing down from us, getting bigger all the time, and wondering what to do, and when. Having no real guidance or help from government hasn't made it better.

There was the option to move it to later in the year, but that clashed with Perth Yarn Festival. So no Wonderwool.

I was both vending and teaching there this year. I have already been asked if I'm quite happy to allow my teaching to carry over to 2021, and of course I am. I hope every who's booked into my course on both days (spindle spinning) will be happy to do this too.

I have several guilds lined up this year for workshops. One is is April - I haven't heard back from them but I'm confident they will be cancelling their workshop. Those later in the year are still in place, but we will see what the situation is like nearer the time. Please get in touch if you would like to book something with me, this year or next.

Leeds Wool Festival, at Armley Museum in early June, has not yet been cancelled. That's my only other show this year. It might be very quiet.

I don't have an online shop as such. Given the present situation, and lack of selling opportunities, I'm planning to start photographing all my hand-dyed fibre and yarns and post them up in blog posts. If anyone likes the look of something, they can email me and we can arrange purchase and postage.

Luckily for me (and yes, I realise how lucky this makes me in this community) my day job will continue. I work for a company that makes and sells online training courses, and they're sending us all home this week. Some people have company laptops - I don't, so I have boxes to take my tower, keyboard and one of my monitors home this afternoon. I've cleared a table in my workroom and will be WFH from tomorrow morning. It's chilly up there (no heating) so huge amounts of shawls and wraps and socks and hats (all hand knitted) will be worn. Not to mention cats draped appropriately.

When we get a decent bit of bright light, I shall start photographing. Organisation will happen soon - I think I'll probably group by wool type first, then colour. I have lots of postage bags, and we have a local post office that I can rush in and rush out of, keeping my distance!

Baking will happen, I'm sure. Probably a bit of dyeing, especially if someone wants a particular colourway or fibre. And knitting - lots of knitting. A cat broke my rigid heddle loom the other week and I'm awaiting a spare part.

In the meantime, let's all look after ourselves and others. Be kind, we're all in the same boat.

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