Monday, 1 January 2018

New Year, new start

So the blog has been abandoned since September - and after the fungi-inspired dyeing I had such hopes of keeping up a weekly posting schedule. Ha ha ha!

This was the last little bit of dyeing I did. A work colleague has been covetuous of my tassled hats recently, and asked if I'd knit her one. I don't mind doing this occasionally, but I didn't want to knit it in thinner yarn or spend much time on colourwork. So I found Rowan Superwash Wool in a funny beige shade going cheap at Hobbycraft a day or so ago. (It was the only wool they had).

And the request for the hat was purply-blue 'ombre' through to jade. This was knitted yesterday - starting at about 2pm and the i-cord being finished just after the end of the year. I put the tassle on this morning.

And this was my spinning equipment purchase for myself just before Christmas: a hepty spindle. I came across them on Sarah Swett's blog and as she does vast amounts of spindle-spinning, I thought they'd be rather good. They're made by her son Henry, who is a boat-builder, and are only made occasionally. I was surprised when I came to the top of the list  as quickly as I did.

It's a lovely thing - seven-sided so it doesn't roll off tables, sturdy hook, and this one's made of sapele wood. Spins fast and long, exceptionally well balanced, and can take a well-packed cop. Very pleased.

So the intention is to try and blog a couple of times a month, covering things I've made, dyeing I've done, shows I'm doing. At least I'll remember I've done it then.

And we're about to watch a bit of Wolf Hall - worth the BBC licence fee on its own. Perfect historical and dramatic telly. Spindle and wool out, I think.

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