Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Can we start the year again?

It's been a bit of a horrible week and a bit so far, and very little creative has been happening.

I put a new neck on my Lopi tree sweater - the i-cord is much neater than the ribbing. The cuffs have the same, as will the bottom when I get there. It's rather in abeyance at the moment until I bring myself to finish it.

This fell off the needles the other day, and I'm rather pleased with it. It's Woolly Wormhead's Scourie pattern which I've already done as part of a kit from Ripplescraft. I did it in exactly that blue and gold originally, but I thought this might look rather interesting in a long gradient yarn. This was spun up from some of the sponsored yarn at last year's Spinzilla, and has come out well. But I don't need more hats, and it's a bit bright for me, so it may end up being sold on the Air Ambulance stand at Fibre East. Unless someone makes me an offer!

The colourwork sample is me trying out yet more yarns for Kate Davies' The Oa, from last year's Islay collection. I adore this design, but I'm of the opinion that Kate's otherwise wonderful yarn, Buachaille, is a tad heavy for colourwork. That's my opinion only, I hasten to add. I've tried various yarns without success, but this might do it. It's a non-superwash sockyarn in the shop stock, a blend of wool and alpaca; it's a natural pale grey, soft, but some long fibres and a nice halo. The blue is dyed with Saxon indigo. The top half of the sample is better - blue background, and on 3.25mm needles - the lower half is on 3.5mm and it's a tad too drapey.

The other sample is a quick check of needle and pattern for Karie Westermann's Purslowe, in a skein of Blacker's Tamar lustre blend that again, oddly enough, is the same colour as the background. It would fit in with both Karie's Thing of Paper KAL and the Blacker pre-EYF kal.

Really can't face the dyepots just yet, though I'm getting on with organising this year's workshops and woolshows, and will be doing a post on what Freyalyn's Fibres will be up to in 2018.

And this is why I want the year to start again; my beloved Lunil was put to sleep last Monday. This is my last photograph of her. My precious girl, I've barely been parted from her since she was six weeks old. There is a huge hole in our family.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful Lunil. Hugs to you xxx

  2. I'm so sorry about Lunil. My beloved black lab Louie went to the big playground in the sky at the end of 2015, and I sympathize with you. Losing your dog is losing a very special member of the family. May you find solace in your dyeing, spinning and knitting, and give thanks for sharing her life for so long. Big hugs, K