Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Fungus as dyeing inspiration

Spotted this on Twitter this morning - on the @planetpics feed. Isn't it glorious? I'm planning to dye this at the weekend on white fibre, so that it can be spun out and knitted straight into a shawl - either a hap or a plain triangle.

Can anyone who wants some please comment, with your Twitter handle, so I can work out how much to do. It will be over white Blue-faced Leicester tops.


  1. Hi Freyalyn
    Yes please , these colours are going to look great as a fibre especially with you working your magic on it
    Russ xx

  2. Hi, I'd love to order 200g of your dyed 'fungus' colourway. Invoice me on paypal when you're ready? @islandhandspun

  3. 200g here please :) @walkyouhome