Monday, 19 June 2017

Dyeing workshop at Eden Valley Guild of WSD

Once again I've taught a workshop that had some fabulous results, and once again I failed completely to take a photograph.

This is what it looked like before we started:

I had nine people doing the workshop 'Dyeing Repeatable Colourways', and after not long at all those pristine sheets of newspaper were covered with fibre and yarn, clingfilm, splashes of dye, discarded gloves, and lots and lots of pots.

This workshop involves consideration of measuring small amounts of dyes, and how to record a particular colour/range of colours in order to duplicate it on another occasion. Which means you have to take into account the amount of fibre and strength of dye too.

It was all rather fun, and some fabulous dyeing was done. Because Cecilia had very kindly offered to bring her spindryer from just down the road, I didn't have to bring mine, so the freshly dyed yarn and fibre could be spun out and hung out for display. I brought one of my 'vintage' clothes airers to hang things on, and indeed it looked lovely. But I was far too busy supervising the four large pots steaming away, and getting very hot and bothered, to get round to taking a photograph. (I've seen some of the dyeing since, on FB, and it's lovely)

Mark came with the pupz, planning a day out walking on a mountain somewhere. But it was bucketing it down all day, so in the end he just took them down to Glenridding and they pottered around in the rain for an hour or two, before he mopped the pupz up, stuffed 'em in the car, and came back to Mungrisdale.

I did bring all my fibre as people had asked me to do so, and it was rather nice to see it all spread out like this.

So, I've just had a weekend at home. This Friday we'll all pile into the Disco again and drive over 039 miles up to Aberdeenshire - I'm doing a two day spinning workshop at Grampian Guild of WSD. Not somewhere I've taught before, and I'm looking forward to it tremendously.

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  1. You have to do one of Freyalyn's workshops - you will be amazed at what you can do and you won't want to go home!!