Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Teaching at Peterborough Guild of WSD

Just a few photos that someone was organised enough to take the other Saturday, 6th August. I was teaching my 'Woollen and Worsted' workshop, which seemed to go extremely well.

During this workshop I explain the difference between the two types of spinning, the yarns they produce, and the type of fibre-preparation that are used for each. And then, of course, there is the whole spectrum of yarns/spinning from one extreme to the other. It's a really useful exploration of different spinning techniques, and even experienced spinners find it useful. It would be an excellent workshop for a new spinner to take, once they were confident with their wheel.

We used tops in Shetland, Wensleydale, Masham, Merino, and Shetland roving, as well as some fleece for a quick demonstration of both combing and carding. In this workshop there isn't the time to spend on hand-carding that I like to do in my purely woollen-spinning workshop, which is why we used roving, and also spinning from the fold.

Nope, I rarely wear anything on my feet when teaching. And it was baking hot that day.

Mark and the pupz delivered me to the village hall in Orton Waterville, then went a mile up the road to Ferry Park, where they found lots of open ground, and lake with giant swan pedalos (which blew Lunil's mind) and a miniature railway. More than one trip was had on the latter; I wish Mark had taken photos. And we picked up potatoes, onions, and mangos (the latter probably not local) from a layby seller on the way back to the A1. (We know the A1 very well at the moment, having gone up and down it last weekend, to FibreEast).

I managed to knit nearly a whole sleeve on my current WIP on the way down. Not as much on the way back - I snoozed....

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  1. Lunil's mind being blown by a giant swan had me chuckling. My Syd got completely flummoxed by statues sitting on a bench once.
    The workshop sounds fab.