Saturday, 30 April 2016

Wonderwool 2016

Just back from our post Wonderwool Wales break, and a few photos:

Mark looked rather spiffy on both days. The gansey was worn practically every day as well as at the show, as we've had some very cold weather.

 I was pleased I'd thought to pack the tree coat. Although the showground halls warmed up during the day, I was very glad for lots of woolly layers at both ends of the days. I was teaching from 1200-1300, an Introduction to Hand Carding, and the rooms that were used for the Wool Schools were very warm. They seemed to go well.

I'd bought a bag of each colour of Qaria Cashmere from Amanda Hannaford's stall at last year's Wonderwool, and this is what it became. I asked Amanda if she wanted it for her stall, so when she said yes a sudden bit of emergency invisible mending was required when I found a hole!

This was the knitting I finished in the car on the journey down - the edging for one side was done on the journey, the rest the day before the show. I ended up washing it in the sink of our cottage and drying it flat on the dining table the night before Wonderwool. Once more, I was glad of another woolly layer.

Another lovely, social show - I think Wonderwool is possibly the best of the big wool shows for meeting people. There's space to gather and chat and catch up without getting in the way of other shoppers/wanderers. I managed to restrain my own shopping too - two cones of undyed Frangipani gansey yarn, a bag of ends of cones of the same yarn, some Cambrian Yarn 4ply (only five balls in their splendid colours), and two fleeces (a pale grey Gotland for dyeing, and one of Olwen's splendid Corriedales in a dark rich moorit,for me).

And then we spent another week in Wales in our lovely cottage - resting, walking, catching up with friends, doing touristy things. The red kite feeding at Gethin Farm is greatly recommended. 

And yes, I managed to get everything in the Disco both going down and coming home this morning. Only just, mind. I am an expert packer.

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