Saturday, 13 June 2015

More colours and more wools...

The new fibre, Merino d'Arles, dyed in Blackberry:
Hellebore, merino darles

Blackberry again, this time on oatmeal bfl/silk:
Blackberry, o bfl silk

I love this subtle differences in colourways depending upon the base fibre. This is Guinevere on both white and oatmeal bfl/silk:
Guinevere, w bfl silk

Guinevere, o bfl silk

My camera really doesn't like bright reds. This is Warrior Scarlet on white bfl. I was aiming with this colourway to hit the orangey-scarlet side of red, rather than tip towards the pinky-blue tones. I think I've managed it.
Warrior Scarlet, w bfl

And the same again, on white bfl/silk. Look how the silk shimmers in and out of the more matte wool.
Warrior Scarlet, w bfl silk

Warrior Scarlet on Manx - dyeing on a moorit wool emphases the depth of the reds
Manx, Warrior Scarlet

Haven't had this colourway out for a while. Willow, on Merino d'Arles
Willow, merino darles

And this is what Willow looks like on grey shetland/silk
Willow, g shetland silk

True Blue dyed on Merino d'Arles - this is a very intense and bright colourway on white wool, but over the biscuity tones of this wool it's rich and muted.
True Blue, merino darles

Another new colourway here - Lightning - over bright white Exmoor Blueface Lightning, Ex bf

Oakleaf, on Merino d'Arles
Oakleaf, merino darles

But this is what Oakleaf looks like on white bfl:
Oakleaf, wbfl

Path in the Woods on oatmeal bfl/silk. Purples and greens are always popular.
Path in th eWoods, o bfl silk

Anyone managed to see Noctilucent Clouds in real life? I'm rather happy with the way I've captured the colours here on oatmeal bfl/silk.
Noctilucent, o bfl silk

There we are, another round up. The Etsy shop is currently empty as I'm gathering all my fibre up for Fibre East at the end of July. But, as ever, should you want to buy something here or have an urge to have a colour on a particular fibre, just let me know - if I haven't got it in stock I can always dye it up for you.

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