Monday, 8 June 2015

Last little show of the season...

...was Leeds Wool Festival this Saturday just gone, at Armley Mills.


Unlike last year, the stalls were spread about all over one floor at Leeds Industrial Museum, which was once the largest woollen mill in the world. We were dotted about amongst the museum's artefacts: as you can see from my photo, I was squeezed up against a couple of ancient telephone exchanges. Other people were amongst WW2 costumes, enormous ancient film cameras, models of old farm equipment, and general industrial spinning impedimentia.

And the crowds were much better than last year. The museum had to open early as the queues were piling up outside. We had a lovely day for it, with Morris dancers and a well-stocked cafe with sandwiches and cakes. Sadly, the latter ran out all too soon.

Mark went to the gym first, then caught the bus down to join me by lunchtime. There's something very nice about a local wool show that's only half an hour's drive away. We were home and unpacked, after a very successful show, by six o'clock that evening.

Should be even better next year. The tentative date is 4th June.

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  1. Hello Freyalyn - thought of you at Viking Days - great festival at the Nordic Heritage Museum - wish you could have been there! Janet