Sunday, 17 May 2015

Dyed fleece

I noticed at Wharfewool, and with more alarm again at Stocksfield, that my large sack of bagged fleece is very low. This is my scoured and dyed fleece (all sorts of breeds, all sorts of colours) that seems to be extremely popular. And I'm down to the dregs. So this is what will be going in to top it up, when I get around to having a packing session

Dyed fleece, Cheviot and longwool

This lot's Cheviot, I think. Some rather bright yellows, but there's greens and reds underneath.

Dyed fleece, unknown and alpaca

This is mostly an unknown Down-type fleece, but there's also a bagful of rather beautiful alpaca in here too. I can stuff two different types like this in the same storage container as there's no problem differentiating when I come to package it up.

Dyed fleece, wensleydale

Isn't this gorgeous? This is a rather lovely Wensleydale fleece which came out of the pots on Friday evening, and is still on the drying rack. The lustre is quite amazing.

And this morning I have finally washed one of the fleeces I picked up at Bakewell last year. Completely unidentified, in a black bin liner, and therefore cheap - but there's a nice ringletty crimp to it and it's soft and very white. Half of it has been scoured and is in the dyepans, the other half now in buckets of very hot and very soapy water.

The colours that I put on the fleeces are usually completely random (unless I'm doing a rainbow spectrum) but they often give me surprising ideas for more formal and documented colourways for the tops I dye. Of course, this is assuming I remember to write it down. The dark greeny/blue/black that some of the Wensleydale's in was noted down quickly as I spun it out and spread to dry.

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