Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Some new colours and a new wool to be shown off this time.

This is a new colourway on white BFL, Peacock Butterfly.
white bfl, peacock butterfly

And this I took the colours from.
Peacock butterfly
I was with the pupz down by the river one day last week (when it was warm and sunny and not windy) and a peacock butterfly displayed itself on the nature reserve war memorial flat plaque for quite a while. I'm rather pleased with the way I've matched the colours, though this won't work on any fibre darker than the oatmeal BFL.

The colours on the wool will, of course, deepen with spinning. I've also done it on white BFL/silk and oatmeal BFL/silk.
white bflsilk, peacock butterfly

oatmeal bfl silk, peacock butterfly

The new wool I've added to my range in Merino d'Arles. It comes in two shades of brown and white, and the paler of the browns (a creamy cafe au lait) overdyes wonderfully. It's a soft, short-stapled top with an incredible bounce, and I've found it spins best in a fairly woollen/long draw style, even though it's a combed top formation. Gorgeous bouncy yarn results.

The other thing about the Merino d'Arles sheep is that it's still farmed until the ancient (and I mean really ancient, time out of mind) method of transhumance - the sheep spend the summers up in the heights of the French Massif Central, and the winters down in the valleys.

All the photographs below are on Merino d'Arles, the first being the long version of Littleheart, copper shading through magenta and purple and green back to copper.
merino d'arles, littleheart long

And this is Kingfisher long:
merino d'arles, kingfisher long

This is the normal Kingfisher:
merino d'arles, kingfisher

merino d'arles, grail

Grail (long):
merino d'arles, grail long

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  1. Love these colourways, Freyalyo. I've been buying Merino D'Arles too. It's really nice and bouncy, so different from the ordinary Merino tops we buy. I love it and people from SpinDyeWeavers like it too.