Sunday, 19 April 2015

Last stuff before Wonderwool.

This time next week Wonderwool will be over for another year, and Mark and I will be in tired heaps in our lovely little holiday cottage, hopefully around the outside of a bottle of nice wine and lots of sausages.

So here we are, some sock yarn was dyed yesterday, and all my fibre is now packed and labelled and will be stuffed into the appropriate bags later tonight. There's have a dyed fleece that still needs weighing out and bagging, but that won't be done for Wonderwool.

I got a bit of Wensleydale done this time - it makes beautiful handspun lace yarn and the lustre is amazing. This is True Blue:
Wensleydale, True Blue

The fabulously rich Mordred on black bfl/silk. This is one of the colourways that doesn't really seem to work as well on white fibre, but works brilliantly on dark ones:
Mordred, black bfl silk

I really don't want to sell this - Falling Leaves on black bfl/silk. I have it on oatmeal and white too, but not too much of it.
FAlling Leaves, black bfl silk

Grey shetland/silk dyed in Vivien. Some of the Arthurian colourways came out again recently.
Vivien, grey shetland silk

The depth of colour here really is what it looks like. White Dorset Horn dyed in Grail. Dorset Horn is a perfect hosiery wool - bouncy, airy, hardwearing, but not really coarse.
Grail, Dorset Horn

Lovely sheen and depth of colour in Peacock on Wensleydale.
Wensleydale, Peacock

More Wensleydale: Snow on Cedars - the shading that will be drawn out as this is spun will be rather lovely.
Wensleydale, Snow on Cedar

Oddly, this is the only one that the camera has lied about the colour - it's Spring Green on Dorset Horn, and it's much greener in real life.
Spring Green, Dorset Horn

Yarn now - the lovely donegal nep BFL sock yarn, in Falling Leaves.
Falling Leaves, bfl nep sock yarn

Northern Red.
Northern Red, donegal nep sock yarn

One of my most popular colourways - Gothick. It's rather purpler than this shows.
Gothick, donegal nep sock yarn

Probably my favourite colour of them all - Dryad, this time on bfl/nylon sock yarn.
Dryad, bfl nylon sock yarn

Hellebore on bfl/nylon.
Hellebore, bfl nylon sock yarn

And Wild Thyme on bfl/nylon. Another of my greens. Did you know I like green wool and yarn?
Wild Thyme, bfl nylon sock yarn

So yes, all the fibre and yarn is ready for Wonderwool. The change has been replenished. I shall write my usual list tomorrow or Tuesday, and everything for the stall and our holiday will be gathered in a huge pile in our sitting room on Wednesday. And then I fit it all into the van, somehow managing to leave space for Lunil in the back too. Bil will be wedged between my knees in the front footwell, and I will knit on top of his head.

Hope to see lots of people down there.

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