Sunday, 12 April 2015

April's dyeing - so far...

A couple more wools added to the repertoire, a couple of new colours, and some existing ones on different fibres. It's less than a fortnight til Wonderwool - will I see you there?

Apple on a blend of natural grey shetland/tussah silk. This colour is really bright and brash on white wool, but fabulous on coloured:
Apple, grey shetland silk

Gothick on grey shetland/silk. Gothick is my slightly pinker purple, with odd bits of dark green streaking through.
Gothick, grey shetland silk

Half Moon on grey shetland/silk. Surprisingly effective in both fibre and yarn. There are all sorts of shades that are pulled out the boundaries between the deep blue and undyed fibre when it's spun out.
Half Moon, grey shetland silk

Dragonfly looks slightly different on the grey shetland/silk.
Dragonfly, grey shetland silk

As does Gold Mine. This blend isn't as completely blended as the BFL/silk blend I have, so there are brilliantly shiny streaks of silk ribboning through the duller wool.Goldmine, grey shetland silk

And then Green Chameleon. This is the ordinary colourway on grey shetland/silk.
Green chameleon, grey shetland silk

This is the same, but gradated along the length of the top.
Green Chameleon long, grey shetland silk

And then on a fine, slightly bouncy merino, again in the long colourway. This would make a lovely scarf or even a shawl, if spun finer. Remember, I can always dye to order if you need more than just 100g.
Green chameleon long, merino

Red Chameleon, long colourway, on the grey shetland/silk. This is on merino too.
Red chameleon long, grey shetland silk

Beacon (long) on merino. I'm really pleased with the depth of the red shading to the bright pale yellow.
Beacon, merino. long

There will be more posted before Wonderwool. I'd planned to do more this weekend - there's more yarn and fibre drying - but I need to have everything packed and labelled by the end of next weekend.

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  1. Busy and beautiful as ever. Thought of you (and others) as I purchased (!) stock in Etsy. Now I'll investigate purchasing some of your latest yarn.