Tuesday, 17 March 2015

New Dyeing.

Dyeing has been happening for a few weeks so far, but this is the first time I've managed to get it photographed and blogged. These photos are not in natural light, but think the colours are fairly well represented, though perhaps a little flattened out.

New colourway, for a commission: Magenta Mouse. I was aiming for a clear intense magenta shading to a warm mouse-grey. Here it's on white merino, natural grey merino, oatmeal BFL, and sock yarn:

Long colourway, on white merino
Magenta Mouse, long, white merino

Long, on grey merino (there is more depth than this photo is showing)
Magenta Mouse, long, grey merino

Oatmeal Bluefaced Leicester
Magenta Mouse, oatmeal bfl

And sock yarn
Magenta mouse, merino sock yarn

The second colourway, Peach:

White merino - love the depth here:
Peach, long, white merino

Grey merino (this would actually work really well spun out)
Peach, long, grey merino

And oatmeal BFL. I do rather like this
Peach, oatmeal bfl

More colours soon - the usual suspects will be coming out of the dyepots,and some new ones - I have Winter Sky (purples and golds and greys) and Summer Sky (deep turquoise to gold and orange) waiting to be photographed.

My fibre is mostly Bluefaced Leicester, as my customers know, but there will be various other British breeds in there. Southdown makes wonderful handspun sockyarn, and I love the way Manx fibre overdyes (the natural strong moorit colour takes dye surprisingly well, especially greens) and sproings so strongly.

And the usual sockyarn too - 100% BFL, BFL/nylon, 100% merino, all high twist and beautiful quality.

Let me know if you have suggestions...

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