Tuesday, 24 March 2015

New Colours, Old Colours...

Some more fresh dyeing. These won't be uploaded on to the Etsy shop, they're all going in the show stashes. But they are available for sale if you drop me a note - either on here, via Facebook, or an email. And I will dye to order, on any fibre/yarn base I can get, in whatever colour you like - one of my own colourways, or an idea of your own.

I love how these colourways change depending upon the base colour. And it continues to astound me how well the dark wools (Shetland as well as BFL and others) dye up with a silk blended through. They actually look rather lovely without silk too, but that can be a bit subtle for most people.

Anyway, here we are. And there's more to come, as the dyepans keep bubbling away...

Winter Sky on black BFL/silk:
Winter Sky, black bfl silk

Winter Sky, on oatmeal BFL:
Winter Sky, oatmeal bfl

And brighter, on white BFL:
Winter Sky, white bfl

Summer Sky, on oatmeal BFL/silk:
Summer Sky, oatmeal bfl silk

Summer Sky, on black BFL/silk:
Summer Sky, black bfl silk

Summer Sky again, clear and bright on white BFL:
Summer Sky, white bfl

Firefly, on oatmeal BFL/silk:
Firefly, oatmeal bfl silk

Firefly, on black BFL/silk:
Firefly, black bfl silk

Moon Wheat, on oatmeal BLF/silk:
Moon Wheat, oatmeal bfl silk

Moon Wheat, on black BFL/silk:
Moon Wheat, black bfl silk

Silver Sky, oatmeal BFL/silk:
Silver Sky, oatmeal bfl silk

Silver Sky, black BFL/silk:
Silver Sky, black bfl silk

One of my favourites, Dryad, on oatmeal BFL/silk:
Dryad, oatmeal bfl silk

Littleheart, oatmeal BFL:
Little Heart, oatmeal bfl

And finally, Littleheart, on oatmeal BFL/silk:
Littleheart, oatmeal bfl silk


  1. Could I grab firefly on the black and moon wheat on the oatmeal please?

    1. Email me on freyalynn @ yahoo.com * and I'll send you a Paypal invoice. They're £15 each I'm afraid, and £2.80 postage.*remove spaces