Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Dyeing Sock Yarn for Fibre East

Fibre East is this weekend, and the last lot of yarn is all done - packaged, labelled, and boxed.

40 skeins of sock yarn (BFL/nylon, Falkland/bamboo, BFL/Donegal nep), all freshly dyed up.

Sock yarn for FE 1

The one advantage of this hideously warm weather is rapid drying, even if the kitchen turns into a level of hell with the hot water, hot oven, hot wet wool.

This is it all packed into a large wickerwork hamper which Mark found for me the other week in one of Bingley's antique shops. It's huge, and I can get all my yarn in it - there's at least as much again as the stuff I've just dyed.

Sock yarn for FE 2

And here's my lovely hamper, neatly packed up and tied down. Yes, that is a couple of lengths of inkle-braid tying it down. And the hamper will be excellent for display on my stall too.

Sock yarn for  FE 3

So there we are, all ready for Fibre East. Yarn and fibre done, camping stuff ready to assemble and stuff in the van on Thursday, orders separately done.

See you there?

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