Saturday, 15 March 2014

A New Recipe Book!


I have been meaning to do this for a while, and you can see why.

The previous dye recipe book was started in 2008, and there are now lots of older recipes that either don't apply (because I don't have the basic dye colours in anymore) or I just don't use. And towards the back of the book I have scrawled in new recipes any old way, just to fit them in.

So, a lovely new book. Once again, I've left the left-hand pages empty - it's useful to have the space for notes and re-writings.

Of course, then neat handwriting won't last long. Nor will be it be long until there are a few splashes and multi-coloured smears all over them.

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  1. Hi Freyalynn!
    Thanks for your interest in the new book.
    Click on the button on the blog, and a menu pops down with overseas pricing. I'll pop over there and post a response too, in case you don't see this. (Sorry for spamming your blog post!)