Sunday, 13 October 2013

Telmarine Cap - pattern up.

Finally finished the pattern for the Telmarine Cap - and I'm actually making one for myself, at last!

It's on Ravelry here.

It's an intermediate knit, as both Vikkel Braid and corrugated ribbing are part of the pattern. However, they are all carefully described, as is the construction of the tassel.

Telmarine 3, 2

This is the third version I've knitted, and was sent off a few days ago to its final destination.

Telmarine Cap from side

This one was the original, inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia discussion on one of my groups in Ravelry. Sadly it was sent off for a swap in which the other person got her goodies and disappeared without trace, so I was a little ambigous about the hat for a while.

Then I knitted this one, from some lovely silk blend sock yarn (not mine) and felt much better about the whole thing.

Telmarine finished 2

I also started thinking about the pattern, as so many people expressed interest.

So that hat was recently put up for an auction on Facebook in aid of the badger in the West Country, and due to a slight confusion ended up being promised to two people. Hence the third hat, knitted in my own sock yarn and just sent off again.

So there you are - I have released it out into the wild. I wonder where it ends up?

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