Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Quick review of Yarndale

Just a few quick photos of Yarndale

Setting off

All packed up in our van, in next to no time. And imagine, the show is only half an hour away from home.

Stall set up 1

Setting up on Friday, we ended up whizzing down to one of the huge cheap homestores down in Skipton for extra sheets to cover the stand. We found some lovely thick cotton throws that are perfect for covering tables - for the first time ever we have matching table covers.

Yarndale set up 3

We were actually in a dim part of the auction mart, but the customers came none-the-less. With hindsight, I'd have put the quilts to the back not the side.

Most of the Yarndale clientele seemed to be knitters and crocheters rather than spinners and felters, but I still did pretty well. Saturday was rammed, as other reports have indicated, but it was much, much quieter towards the afternoon.

On Sunday Ma brought me up to Skipton so Mark could do the farmers' market in Skipton. He was so afraid of being stuck behind the huge queues that developed on Saturday morning he only whizzed round the meat and cheese stands (where we have regular orders) before dropping it off at home and rushing to the show. He made it well before opening and we'd left him a bacon butty.

I didn't even buy much either:
 Goodies from Yarndale

I picked up the second edition of Ply magazine (in which I featured in the Majacraft advert), some bone needles and a silk thread Gunister purse kit from Mulberry Dyer, some rather lovely bronze pins and hooks/eyes from Lucy the Tudor, and a little wooden heddle from Lucy too. Restrained and useful.

Yarndale, me, Pat & Steve, Hannelore and Alan

And Hannelore, who is part of the Back-to-Back challenge team in the Netherlands earlier this year, appeared with her husband Alan. And Pat and Steve, who invigilated and took me there and back, door to door. It was lovely to see them all again.

And now I'm girding the loins and doing a little bit more dyeing for  Bakewell...

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