Thursday, 17 October 2013

Bakewell Wool Gathering & colourwork courses

So we're off to our last show of the year tomorrow, Bakewell Wool Gathering this weekend. Because it's so late in the year, we've decided to push the boat out and I have booked a pup-friendly self-catering cottage for three nights, which we're sharing with our chum Denise from Willo Fibres. Real warm food, sofas, light, real beds and hot water - ooh the decadence.

Last little lot of dyeing done and labelled this week:
Last dyeing of 2013

Assorted sock yarns, assorted colours.

And on Tuesday I had the added decadence of treating myself to two half day knitting courses with Mary Jane Mucklestone, up at the new Baa Ram Ewe shop in Harrogate. The morning one was on Fair Isle knitting, the afternoon on Scandinavian, following on from Mary Jane's two recent books. I took my copies along to get signed.
 Mary Jane Mucklestone's class

It was rather lovely just to turn up with a big bag of yarn and needles and nothing else, and not to have to worry about responsibility or teaching or anything. (There was someone in the latter class who really had difficulty in getting it - although I helped out, it was Not My Problem!).

So we knitted a wristlet in the morning class, and started a hat in the afternoon. The only tiresome part of the entire day was having to get a bus home. Mark gave me a lift in in the morning, (half an hour's drive). The class finished at 4.30, the bus was at 5.15, and I was eventually home (albeit with only one bus) by 6.45. Never mind, I didn't feel too ill and got lots of the cap done.

Hope to see lots of people at Bakewell!

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