Monday, 1 July 2013

Woolfest 2013... over in what seems like next to no time. We did what we did this year, travel-wise - hired another small van and took that plus our own up to Cockermouth. Of course, we did hope that we wouldn't end up doing what we did last year, having to come home separately on the Friday afternoon after being flooded out and blown down!

Lunil driving to Woolfest

Lunil travelled with me and Bil with Mark. She really isn't happy in the front seat of a vehicle, she doesn't really fit, but we couldn't squeeze her in the back. I had rather a lot of fibre and yarn this year.

We managed to pop in to The Mill at Little Salkeld on the way up, and stocked up with 6kg bags of spelt flour, and then got to the Mitchells site for Woolfest late morning. We'd driven up through rain, but it wasn't heavy and the ground wasn't wet as we got the tent up.

It rained Thursday evening and all day Friday, but the ground was dry and firm and drained quickly. No mud or sogginess appeared at all.

The show was busy both days. My lovely chums Sarah and Chris were staying in the area so came and spent time with us on Friday, as did another of my friends, Mavis from Durham, who's mind was well and truly blown by the size and scope of Woolfest.

Lots of yarn and fibre has been sold. The silk blends took the biggest hammering, so given the limited time until Fibre East, I think that's all that I will have time to work on. I'm collecting 6kg of bfl/silk in black, oatmeal and white tomorrow, and that'll keep me busy for a while.

Stall at Woolfest 2013

The quilt with my stall name on was made on Tuesday afternoon, though the stencilling was done the previous Friday. I had every intention of making a pieced quilt for the letters, but simply ran out of time.

And I had every intention of buying no fleeces whatsoever. Silly me. I picked up a jet black shetland ram fleece, a Corriedale x Shetland in creams/beiges/cinnamons, and a Merino X which was merino quality fleece but in Jacob colours of charcoal and white.  Plus a sweater's worth of mid-brown Shetland dk from Blacker Yarns to replace Mark's much beloved Cobblestone sweater.

So enough to keep me out of trouble for quite a while to come. We got the tent down dry enough to pack straight away for Fibre East in a month, and both vans unpacked and everything tidied away by Sunday. #Efficiency!

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  1. Wow - those fleeces sound awesome. I love the multicolored ones too. Sometimes those X fleeces wind up being some of the best/most versatile/fun ones.