Sunday, 19 May 2013

Tynedale WSD Spinners' Gathering 2013

We drove through floods, torrential rain and near gales yesterday morning to get to the Stocksfield Spinners' Gathering - goodness me, the weather was bad.  Luckily, I hadn't brought a waterproof so once we got there I scurried inside clutching Gladys and left Mark (plus lots of willing helpers) to bring everything else in.

Stocksfield 2013 1

The light isn't terribly good inside the hall, so I frequently sent people to the outside to compare colours in daylight.

We had a lovely day - we saw lots of friends (especially Tim, Denise and Hazel), the food was excellent (not as much cake as last year, and perhaps an overabundance of quiche, but nice salads and pies) even though I only got a third of one of the strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese topping.

We came back with a bottle of wine that Mark won in the tombola. I traded for some fibre and indigo-dyed sock yarn from Natural Born Dyers, and got lots of knitting done on the Karelides Cardigan.

And surprisingly good sales.  I'm spending this morning sorting out the freshly dyed yarn I've had hanging up all over the place - some is part of a couple of orders I have had in from the States, the rest is to be labelled up and added to stock. Then I'm dyeing yarn this week and practising my spinning for next week's Back-to-Back Challenge in the Netherlands.

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