Sunday, 5 May 2013

Bowland Guild on Star Wars Day!

Toddled off to Bowland Guild in Gisburne yesterday, to teach my workshop on Spinning & Knitting with Beads to them.  Mark didn't want to miss another Saturday morning at the gym, so I took Mum for the lovely drive up.

I know quite a few people at the guild, as does Ma, because of the Alston Hall gatherings.  Ma hung around for a bit and then wandered away for a potter; she ended up at the Auction Mart, chatting to farmers and learning about cows and sheep!

I sold a bit of fibre too - rather alarming but at least I have more money to invest in more undyed stock.

I couldn't do the workshop quite as planned, as there were a few novice spinners, but everyone produced a couple of tiny skeins of beaded yarn before lunch and a  bit of beaded knitting afterwards.  Then a few people asked me to demonstrate long-draw spinning - it ended up looking like Jackanory, as I say on a chair making rolags with 8 or so people sitting cross-legged on the floor around me. Much inspiration was shared and it was brilliant.

I got a lovely strawberry cream meringue too!

And last night Mark and I went to see Nordic Fiddlers Bloc at Otley Courthouse - brilliant far Northern fiddle music, and I got lots of knitting done on the Bohus Guld too.

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