Thursday, 25 April 2013

Wonderwool is imminent

Well, here we are. All the fibre is packed, labelled, priced, and in bags forming a huge mountain in the middle of the sitting room.

I've been into Bradford to collect change from the bank, post a parcel and retrieve one from the sorting office, send off my passport renewal at the Post Office.

I have several bags of fleece/fibre/dyed stuff/blending stuff organised for the workshop. Plus my two drumcarders, my box of tools and carders, and three more arranged to borrow when we get to the show.

I now need to retrieve the transit from the hire place (luckily just about 400 yards up the road), sort out the camping stuff, clothes and bedding, and pack the van.  Then a couple of classes at the gym this evening from 7.30 (what! you thought I'd miss gym?) and we'll have pizzas from Waitrose for tea.

Stressed out massively as normal. This year it hasn't helped that I've had two sample sweaters to do for a friend's knitting book.  The second one, a man's hoodie with some colourwork, only had one sleeve done when she told me that the photoshoot was this Sunday (and she told me this on the Sunday just gone).  So I have done very little but knit furiously on this for the last four days and my hands are telling me about it.  I shan't get the hood done, but I will get up to the neck. We're dropping it off early tomorrow morning on our way down to Wales.

I'll post photos from the show when we get back. Hope to see lots of friends there.

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