Saturday, 6 April 2013

More pretty colours.

I've been at the camel and silk blend again. This time I've tweaked the dyeing of this particular blend slightly.  It's one of the most difficult to ensure the dye penetrates all the way through, so I've dyed this batch in lots of 200g rather than 300, and made the dye solutions slightly more intense. I'm rather pleased.

Red Leaf:
Camelsilk, RedLeaf

Purple Ink:
Camelsilk, Purple Ink

Camelsilk, Guinevere

Camelsilk, Dryad

White BFL/silk dyed in Silver Sky. Although this is atypical of my dyeing, it's been one of my most popular colourways. (Not worth dyeing on anything other than white fibre, though.)
White bflsilk SilverSky

Oatmeal BFL/silk in Nightfall:
Oatmeal bflsilk, Nightfall

Oatmeal BFL/silk in Birchbark:
Oatmeal bflsilk, Birchbark

Oatmeal BFL, on its own and with silk, in Sunrise (a new colourway this year):
Oatmeal bfl, bflsilk, Sunrise

Oatmeal BFL, alone and with silk, in Rivendell:
Oatmeal bflsilk, bfl, Rivendell

Grey Shetland/silk, white BFL, white Devon Longwool, in Red Leaf:
Greyshetsilk, wbfl, devon, RedLeaf

Same wools as above, in Lazuli:
Greyshetsilk, wbfl, devon, Lazuli

And the same, this time in Flora:
Greyshetsilk, wbfl, devon, Flora

These won't be going into the Etsy shop until after Wonderwool.


  1. Love, love LOVE Dryad and Purple Ink. So pretty.

  2. I'm a fan of Flora and the Red leaf looks interesting. Will be having a good look at Wonderwool