Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sock yarn for Wonderwool

Sock yarn

Here we are, lots of lovely sock yarn freshly dyed up for Wonderwool.  Not as much as I'd like,  but there's some nice colours in the usual yarn bases - all British, both Falkland Merino and  Blue-faced Leicester, with either bamboo, nylon, or Donegal nep.  (There are a few of last year's yarns up on the Etsy shop, but that probably won't be updated now until after Wonderwool).

Adelaide Walker have asked me to sample a possible new fibre blend.  I buy all my bfl and bfl/silk from them, but this could be rather nice.  Black Jacob top blended with bamboo:

Jacob bamboo 1

It really is very nearly as metallic-looking as it looks in this photo!

Jacob bamboo 2

I have spun it into a fairly airy 3-ply that looks like dk thickness but will actually knit up as a hefty-ish fingering weight, and make particularly lovely bouncy socks, which is what I am making for AW to use as an example at Wonderwool.

Given the other sample knitting I'm doing for Ann Kingstone, and the vast amounts of fibre to be dyed too (a batch just having come out of the oven so some bread can go in), I'd better get on with it.


  1. Your yarns are gorgeous! Makes me wish I had more time for knitting. I love to do it, but I have so many other things to keep my hands busy.