Monday, 11 March 2013

New Year, New Dyeing...

Lunil and fibretodye

So here we are, a litttle later than normal, about to start off the new year's dyeing!  I've just done a quick stocktake on the fibre I have in, and am about to order what I need.  Mostly various colours of Bluefaced Leicester, I think; I'm not sure that I'm going to do such a wide range of British breeds this year, it's terribly faffy to keep track of them all.

So the core range will be black, oatmeal and white BFL, both on its own and with silk. Then shetland, probably moorit and white on its own, and the black with silk. They'll be superwash merino until I run out of it (I have another kilo left), I shall get some merino/silk for those who like it, and perhaps the odd bit of Manx and Masham, because I can get nice colours in it.

The dye stocks are good, certainly enough to keep me through to the end of the summer.

As for sockyarn, I have lots of BFL/nylon, which is my standard sock base. I have a small amount of bamboo/merino which I shan't get any more of, some BFL/donegal nep which I will get more of, even though it's expensive, and I shall also try and find some more of the British Merino (slightly slubbed) as I have a friend who loves it (Hi Syl!)

I have the first show of the year on Saturday - Yarnival, which is a small and friendly one in Trawden Village hall, near where we used to live in Lancashire. Mostly yarn, but I shall take the entirity of what I have in and ready,  because it's a good place to spread out and stocktake as it gets packet up again.

And another shot of the yarn island in the kitchen:
Mark, Lunil and fibretodye

Sadly, this will now stay in the middle of the kitchen for the next eight months or so - there is literally no other place for it.  It's all I can do to get the dyed fibre packed and stuffed upstairs somewhere.  And there is actually a year chart behind Mark here.  I have a frighteningly busy year, with more teaching than I think I've ever done before plus all the fibre shows, so I feel a need to keep on track of it.

Wish me luck....


  1. It's scary how quickly the shows come round!!!!

  2. This poor German Shepherd will be still colored, hopefully not! For this purpose we have not breed in Germany this wonderful and lovely dogs. Greetings from Germany, Thomas