Tuesday, 26 June 2012

No rest for the wicked.

Poll Dorset fleece dyed

And here we go again - this was washed and dyed up on Sunday, the day after Woolfest. It's a Poll Dorset fleece, and really rather nice, a lovely Down fleece. The further colours are more accurate - the nearer ones were washed out by the flash. It was grey outside when I took this photo at 7am.

I had a sudden panic halfway through Saturday at Woolfest, when I realised quite how much of the dyed fleece I'd sold, and that there'd be only a small amount to take to Fibre East if I didn't do something about it. The fleece area had been pretty well picked over by the time I raided it, but I found the nice Poll Dorset above, and then a group of a few Mules. I wish I'd bought more than one now; this one is lovely, nice and ringletty and a good lustre.

Mule fleece, dyed

I also bought two coloured fleeces from the Coloured Sheep Association Stand, both from a supplier I usually buy from every year.  One is a silvery-grey Merino x Shetland, that was so fine and beautiful I thought a friend in the US would like it overdyed; good call on my part, she wants all of it!  The other one is perhaps a tiny bit warmer in the pale greys, with Merino/Shetland/Longwool breeding.  It will overdye beautifully.

As I have an extra drying rack (Mark found it in the last expedition to Ikea) I hope to get the latter fleece started this afternoon. As we're both due at the gym later this evening, the bath will be required and can be called into fleece-washing duty.

The plan is this week for fleece dyeing (and I may yet raid the fleece stash upstairs...), and stocking up on bfl tops and bfl/silk tops.  Next week I shall dye up more bfl tops. The week after I shall finish off any packaging I have not already done, and perhaps a few skeins of sock yarn if I have time. I've just had an offer to go and spin in the Rare Breeds Survival Trust's tent at the Great Yorkshire Show the day before we leave for Fibre East, so I must make sure I'm all ready by the end of Wednesday 11th!

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