Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Freshly dyed sock yarn!

 Just so people know, I'm in a different row at this year's Woolfest - halfway down Row H instead of at the top of Row B. Just look for my caparisoned sheep and the bunting!

 BFL/Donegal sock yarn

This is a new base for me, superwash Bluefaced Leicester with little neps of Donegal tweed. I love how this has dyed up and have ordered more to collect at Woolfest.

Silk blend sock yarn

Falkland merino/silk 50/50 blend - lovely yarn. I didn't get much of this - I love it but think I'll have to charge rather a lot for it.

Falkland/bamboo sock yarn

A tabletopful of Falkland merino/bamboo yarn. A nice basic yarn, but doesn't dye quite as brilliantly as I'd like. I'm taking thirty skeins up to Woolfest, and have a further ten left undyed.

There is also a huge pile of superwash BFL/nylon, which is a beautiful high-twist yarn that takes colour perfectly and knits up brilliantly. I'll try and remember to take a photo before it gets bagged up.

 Pink gradations for Betty 2

And the last bit of dyeing done at the weekend.  This is for Mrs Boss's birthday (tomorrow) and as it's the last one they'll be here for (retirement being imminent and all) I thought I'd do her something rather special.There's about six-hundre metres here, starting off with a 20 metre skein and increasing by approximately half as much again each time, which meant I could use the same amount of dye and just microwave each skein in the jug of boiling, acidulated water until it ran clear; automatic gradation of colour intensity.  And I actually remembered to bring it to work this morning together with a card.

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